Delivery by cities


We work on full prepayment, we can also send your order postpaid.

After the manager will contact you to pay for the goods, we will book your order for 5 working hours for you.

If you pay before 14:00, the goods will be sent the same day, after 14:00 - the next day. If the order is made abroad - departure within 2-3 days.

After payment, send a photo of the check or payment screen with the amount immediately to send your order as quickly as possible.

Return / exchange of goods is possible within 14 days (except for cutters and tools, and only the goods are not printed and have not lost their appearance).

Cases of defective goods are discussed individually with the client.

If your city is not in the list of offered - choose self-pickup delivery and write the exact delivery address in the comments.

Details For payment, we will notify you by phone after the manager accepts your order.

Orders abroad will go on Thursday and Sunday.

Terms of international delivery

✈ Sending is carried out by the state mail of our country UkrPoshta.

🗓Delivery within 7-90 working days.

 Departure is carried out 2 times a week: Thursday and Sunday.

💸 Payment

We accept payments through the Interkassa payment system. This is a link to pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay (payment system commission only 1%). This is the fastest and easiest way to pay, as the payment is credited instantly.

If necesary, we can provide alternative payment methods.

💰 Delivery cost and parcel evaluation

The cost of delivery depends on the weight and dimensions of the parcel, and in each case is calculated individually. To pay for delivery, we can offer 2 options:

 - Option 1 - one payment.

We calculate the estimated cost of delivery and include it in the payment for the order. After registration of the parcel we will see the exact cost, and if the delivery was less than the amount paid - we leave the difference in the deposit for the next order, if more - you can pay extra immediately or with the next order.

 - Option 2 - two payments.

After paying for the order, we collect and pack the parcel, and then issue an invoice for delivery on the spot.

When sending the parcel, it is necessary to indicate the estimated cost. The assessment affects the compensation in case of loss or damage to the parcel. Also, the assessment of the parcel may affect the customs tax if the parcel is checked at the customs of your country. The percentage of customs duty depends on the laws of your country. We can specify the estimated cost you need or specify the actual one. All parcels are sent as a gift.

🤝 Please note that we are not responsible for a parcel that has left Ukraine and is in your country. In turn, we always do our best to help in case of any problems.

❤️ If you have any more questions, the manager will be happy to answer them.

Conditions of self-removal

👌Order placed in the online store can be picked up by self-pickup in the store in the center, at: European 9A, Delmar, 0 floor.

💸 Self-pickup is possible only after full payment of the order.

✅ The order is considered paid after we receive a receipt or screenshot of payment.

🕓 Orders paid before 14:00 can be picked up the same day after 18:00. Orders paid after 14:00 can be picked up the next day from 9:30 to 19:30.

⛔ Please note that from 13:00 to 13:30 the store is closed for a break.

For delivery to other countries, contact the manager.

tel +380689181800 (WhatsApp / Telegram)

You can get information about the status of sending from the manager or on the website

transport company by departure number:


+380 44 278 79 69

New mail:,