RiorNails: everything for manicure

○We work on full prepayment.
○Booking for payment - 5 hours. Carefully check orders before payment.
○If payment is made before 2:00 p.m., the goods will be shipped on the same day, if later, on the next day. If the order is made abroad, it will be shipped within 2-3 days.
*Due to the situation in the country, there may be delays in processing and sending orders.
○After payment - immediately inform the manager! Send a photo of the check or a payment screen with the debit amount.
○After payment, write your full name, phone number, city, post office number.
○Return/exchange of goods is possible within 14 days (everything except cutters and tools, and only goods that have not been unpacked and have not lost their appearance).
○The cases of failure are negotiated individually.
○We are not responsible if you do not know how to work with the product (if upon inspection with us, the product turns out to be "working" - no refund will be made).
○Return/exchange of goods is carried out at the expense of the buyer.