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Dark gel polish (new collection) 26, 10 ml

Dark gel polish 26, 8 ml

Артикул: color26.

Dark gel polish (new collection) 16, 10 ml

Dark gel polish 16, 8 ml

Артикул: color16.

Dark gel polish (new collection) 03, 10 ml

Dark gel polish 03, 8 ml

Артикул: color03.

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Where are DARK gel polishes produced?

DARK gel polishes are produced in Ukraine by RiorNails. DARK gel polish to buy in Ukraine.

Which DARK gel polishes should a beginner buy?
  • The main shades for the master are black, white, red and burgundy shades.

  • Gentle shades and pastel colors are an ideal choice for a natural and universal manicure.

  • Coral colors will add vitality and freshness to your image.

  • Spectacular gel polishes with glitter or reflections can be used both on the entire nail and for accents on the nails.

  • Dark shades are especially relevant in the cold season.

How long does DARK gel polish last on nails?

Dark gel polish can last up to 3-4 weeks. Your manicure will remain fresh and attractive. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the choice of base or material for strengthening nails is equally important.

How much does DARK brand gel polish cost?

In our store, the price of a bottle of 10 ml is UAH 185. The volume of 10 ml is convenient as a gel polish for a private master at home, as well as for beauty salons.

Original DARK gel polishes are a wide palette of shades for the beauty of your nails.

Today, no experienced nail artist can do without gel polishes, because they are the best tools for beautiful designs in manicures and pedicures.

The masters of the nail service understand that it is possible to ensure a high-quality result only when using high-quality materials. And among such options are gel polishes from the well-known brand "Dark" by Rior.

About the product and manufacturer

DARK is a Ukrainian company specializing in the production of high-quality products for the beauty industry. Our company RiorNails produces the entire range of materials for nail services, including gel polishes.

The brand was founded in 2019, but with 14 years of experience in the nail industry behind us, we have trained thousands of students and our experience allows us to create the best products for you.

DARK gel nail polish is widely popular due to its reliability and popular palette, because we produce the most fashionable shades of gel polish. DARK products are produced in accordance with international quality standards, except for highly toxic components, which guarantees safety and comfort when working with this product. Dark gel polishes are certified on the territory of Ukraine.

Our brand actively cares about its customers, providing a wide range for creating quality manicures. Other advantages of our DARK gel polishes include:

  • They do not have a sharp smell.

  • Easy to apply in 1-2 layers

  • They do not streak because they have an average consistency

  • They are well distributed over the nail.

Try it yourself! Buy DARK gel polish.

The diverse assortment of the RiorNails store is already waiting for you.

About the palette

We offer a wide variety of shades: from delicate whites to warm beiges and mysterious purples, each of which has a unique saturation. The official website of Dark gel polishes will amaze you with the choice.

And if you want to express your bright individuality, take a look at the selection of more creative and expressive colors available to order. For example, with the effect of sparkles or neon shades of gel polish.

With us, you can easily find exactly the gel polish that will emphasize your style and allow you to create perfect manicures.

Which gel polishes Dark to buy?

Pay attention to our sales hit:




About the advantages

Unique gel polishes and camouflage bases from this brand have many excellent properties that make them an ideal choice for manicurists and their clients:

  • Hypoallergenic * DARK products are safe for people with sensitive skin without causing irritation or allergic reactions. (But individual intolerance of chemical elements is not excluded)

  • Self-alignment . The medium-density composition guarantees ease of use, as the materials fill in unevenness well and are evenly distributed over the nail plate. The time of the procedure is shortened, and the result is an impeccable result.

  • High pigmentation . Gel polish perfectly covers the nails after one or two layers, which allows you to create saturated and bright manicures with minimal effort and without a thick layer.

  • A rich palette of shades . A variety of colors are presented, satisfying the most sophisticated preferences of customers. But at the same time, as for the master, we present the current shades.

  • Durability and stability . The coating remains perfectly beautiful for up to 4 weeks, depending on the load on the nails.

Be sure of the quality, safety and durability of the manicure. It doesn`t matter how complex the manicure design you plan to implement - the manufacturer of dark gel varnish will give you a spectacular work result.

Important : On thin and weak nails, it is recommended to renew the coating after 2-3 weeks to maintain the intensity of the color and prevent delamination and chips. Also, please note that for some nails, it is advisable to choose a gel coating under the gel polish, rather than a base. This will make your nails stronger and the coating more durable.

How to use DARK gel polish?

  • Preparation of nails. Clean the nails from the remains of varnish and fat, if necessary, adjust the shape of the nails. It is necessary to carefully prepare the nail plate with a buff or file.

  • Apply Dehydrator or Ultrabond.

  • Basic coverage. Apply a thin layer of base gel polish to each nail and cure under a UV or LED lamp. Primer - Apply a thin layer of Scotch Base and dry for 60 seconds.

  • Apply a leveling coat of a low acid base, we recommend using any Pro Base Dark camouflage base and dry.

  • Gel varnish. Apply two thin layers of gel polish, polymerizing each layer. Avoid contact with the cuticle and skin around the nail.

  • Top coating. Apply a thin layer of Top No Wipe Dark and cure under the lamp for 90 seconds.

Your gel polish manicure is ready! And now there is another important question: Where can you buy DARK gel polish?

Where can I buy DARK gel polish or do I want to place an order?

You can buy DARK gel polishes from us, as well as from DARK representatives in Ukraine. The RiorNails company provides a wide range of gel polishes, market prices and convenient delivery to your city. Buying DARK manicure gel polish has never been so easy.

Our team always follows trends and promptly expands the assortment, including the most popular novelties in the catalog.

If you are looking for modern and stylish shades of gel polishes, materials for a professional nail service or other beauty care services, our store is ready to offer you the best options. Gel nail polish Dark price.

To buy Dark gel polishes in Ukraine, add the product you are interested in to the cart and enter your data. We provide prompt delivery to any region of the country through Nova Poshta to any city where there is a branch. We recommend that you buy DARK gel polishes in the online store now, because it is a very popular product and it quickly flies off our shelves.

Also, we are always ready to help with product selection and provide professional advice. On the website of our store, there are contact numbers and messengers through which you can contact us.

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