Dark Beige Top, 10 мл

Dark Beige Top, 8 ml

Артикул: Beige10.

Dark Blush Top, 10 мл

Dark Blush Top, 10 мл

Артикул: Blush10.

Dark Camel Top, 10 мл

Dark Camel Top, 10 мл

Артикул: Camel.

Dark Cover Top, 10 мл

Dark Cover Top, 10 мл

Артикул: Cover10.

Dark Dots Mix Top Matte, 10 мл

Dark Dots Mix Top Matte, 8 ml

Артикул: DotsMixMatte.

Dark Dots Mix Top, 10 мл

Dark Dots Mix Top, 8 ml

Артикул: DotsMix.

Dark gel polish (new collection) 03, 10 ml

Dark gel polish 03, 8 ml

Артикул: color03.

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Where are DARK gel polishes produced?

DARK gel polishes are produced in Ukraine by RiorNails. DARK gel polish to buy in Ukraine.

Who is the founder and manufacturer of Dark nail products?
The official manufacturer of DARK is the RiorNails company. A multi-brand store that has everything a manicurist needs!
How to distinguish the original Dark from the neo-original?
  • Buy Dark only from official representatives!

  • Check the packaging for the logo and design;

  • Ask for quality certificates.

  • Assess the quality of the packaging and the condition of the bottle;

  • Make sure that the capacity of the bottle is presented in the Dark brand.

  • Pay attention to the aroma - it should not be strong and sharp.

  • Be careful with the low price, because there are no discounts on Dark products.

  • Read reviews and research products.

Which DARK gel polishes should a beginner buy?
  • The main shades for the master are black, white, red and burgundy shades.

  • Gentle shades and pastel colors are an ideal choice for a natural and universal manicure.

  • Coral colors will add vitality and freshness to your image.

  • Spectacular gel polishes with glitter or reflections can be used both on the entire nail and for accents on the nails.

  • Dark shades are especially relevant in the cold season.

What is the uniqueness of Dark products?
  • 14 years of experience and knowledge that help create quality material. We know what a craftsman is needed!

  • High quality of raw materials

  • Low acid composition*

  • Ease of application

  • Different consistencies of materials

  • Durability and stability

  • A rich palette of shades

  • Innovative formulas

Our gel polishes are ideal for both experienced nail artists and beginners in the field of manicure. Dark products are chosen by the strongest teachers from Ukraine and the world!

How long does DARK gel polish last on nails?

Dark gel polish can last up to 3-4 weeks. Your manicure will remain fresh and attractive. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the choice of base or material for strengthening nails is equally important.

Where is the Dark and Riornails store?

We are located:

Dnipro, str. European 9a,
Delmar 0 Floor
10:00 to 19:00
+38 (093) 198 87 10

Shopping center Karavan 1 Floor
10:00 to 20:00
+38 (093) 935 94 11

How much does DARK brand gel polish cost?

In our store, the price of a bottle of 10 ml is UAH 185. The volume of 10 ml is convenient as a gel polish for a private master at home, as well as for beauty salons.

How to find the official website of the manufacturer Dark?

You can find us in the search engine by entering the name of our gel polishes or save the site you are currently on. You can also find Dark products at our official representatives in Ukraine and the world.

Where to buy Darks in Ukraine?

Place an order with us or our representatives. The RiorNails company provides the entire range of Dark products, provides convenient delivery to your city by Nova Poshta. Buying DARK in Ukraine is profitable and simple.

DARK brand

Dark products are a quality brand from Ukraine by Rior, specializing in the creation of high-quality manicure products that inspire professionals to perform quality manicures, taking care of nail health.

The brand was founded in 2019, but we have 14 years of experience in the nail industry behind us, we have trained thousands of female students, and our experience allows us to create the best products for you.

Our wide assortment includes the most popular gel polishes, a palette of camouflage bases - more than 100 shades, and durable tops. For a long time, we have been developing the necessary series of solid materials for strong and healthy nails, as well as materials for realizing the most daring ideas in nail art.

Brand values

Every DARK product is the result of our deep work on quality.

The combination of unique formulas in the RiorNails company and carefully selected ingredients ensures perfect adhesion to the nail plate, provided it works correctly, ensuring that your manicure will delight you with its beauty and durability for a long time.

From classic solutions to the most daring experiments - Dark products help reveal creative potential, allowing you to realize any fantasies.

By choosing DARK, you become part of a community of professionals and connoisseurs of manicure, united by a common goal - to make the world of manicure even stronger. Your choice is not just a product, it is an art embodied in each jar of Dark by Rior gel polish.

About the manufacturer

The RiorNails company is the official manufacturer of DARK gel polishes.

DARK gel polishes have gained mass popularity due to their reliability and high efficiency. Here you can find many master classes, educational videos, articles and useful tips - therefore, by buying Dark products, you will improve yourself!

Our products are created in strict compliance with international quality standards, excluding the use of highly toxic ingredients, which ensures maximum safety and comfort in the process of working with this product. Dark products are certified in Ukraine, and most of the products have already received European quality certificates, which confirms the safety and quality of Dark products:

We analyze the needs of masters, offering a wide selection of tools for creating professional and long-lasting manicures;

Among the many advantages of dark rior, the following should be highlighted:

  • The smell The absence of a sharp smell makes the use of DARK gel polishes pleasant and comfortable;

  • Ease of application . Gel varnishes are applied with ease, providing a smooth and even coating. Gels have different consistency and hardness, so the master can choose a convenient option for quick work.

  • Stability and Toe . The excellent stability of gel varnishes helps to maintain a perfect manicure for a long time, provided that the instructions for working with DARK materials are followed.

  • Uniform distribution . Gel masterials are evenly distributed over the surface of the nail, providing an even surface. And to correct the shape of the nails, we offer Polygel Dark and Iron Gel Dark.

Do you want to make a personal impression of our gel polishes? Then allow yourself to evaluate the quality of our products. Our consultants will answer all your questions, and on our Instagram page you can see a lot of MK and useful information. A variety of choices awaits you in the RiorNails online store.

About the range of the brand

Our assortment will delight you with a wealth of shades: from delicate snow-white to warm beige and mysteriously beautiful purple, each of which radiates its own unique depth. The official Dark gel polish website invites you to immerse yourself in the world of choice.

The RiorNails company invites you to familiarize yourself with our online storefronts and choose the perfect gel polish for the realization of the most creative manicures!

Best seller

Regardless of the season, the following are popular:




About product benefits

Universal dark rior gel polishes and camouflage bases of this brand have properties that every professional needs.

  • The products are created by an experienced craftsman-instructor for the quality work of craftsmen of all levels.

  • There are different consistencies of hard materials and the craftsman can choose the work technique necessary for him.

  • Solid materials make it possible to make a thin and strong end even on a sharp square

  • The glossy shine lasts for a long time.

  • Camouflage bases and all solid materials are low acid, which is very important for the health and safety of nails.

  • The assortment of bases includes more than 100 shades.

  • Even coverage maintains color brightness for up to 4 weeks.

  • We are always in touch and ready to answer any of your questions!

The Dark brand is responsible for quality and safety! Regardless of the complexity of your design, gel polishes from the Dark brand will provide the desired result that will delight your customers for a long time.

5 manicure ideas with DARK gel polish

  • Classic French . A traditional French manicure with a white nail tip and a neutral base is a universal option. And we have more than 20 shades of camouflage bases, not to mention gels!

  • Gradient . A smooth transition between two shades on the nails. It can be done without an airbrush! With the help of a combination of gel polishes, colored bases, as well as camouflage tops.

  • Accents on the nail . Here we can use a bright shade or Dark gel paint, and we can achieve the brightest shiny effect with Dark Diamond Gel.

  • Design with volumetric elements . The fashion for Korean designs has also caught on with Ukrainian customers! What can we do? For this, we can use a thick Iron Gel or Builder gel Dark, as well as a special 3D gel or Gum Gel Dark gum.

Where to buy?

Place an order for manicure products at prices established in Ukraine on the website of the RiorNails online store. Our web resource is the Dark official site.

Our team is always on the pulse of innovation and quickly replenishes the range, including the most popular novelties in our catalog, as well as products that will improve and facilitate the work of the craftsman!

If you are looking for modern and stylish shades of gel polishes, professional materials for nail care - our store is ready to offer you the most necessary options;

To buy DARK gel polishes in Ukraine, just add the products you are interested in to the cart and enter your contact details. We guarantee prompt delivery to any corner of the country. We recommend that you buy DARK gel polishes in the online store right now, as this is a popular product and it is quickly bought. We are not surprised, because these gel polishes always fall into the hearts of our customers.

On the website of our store (dark site) contact phone numbers and messengers are indicated, through which you can contact us if you have additional questions.
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