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DARK PRO base 53,15 мл

  • DARK PRO base 53,15 мл
  • DARK PRO base 53,15 мл
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    • DARK PRO base 53,15 мл
    • DARK PRO base 53,15 мл

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    DARK PRO BASE 15 ml with a brush - these are low-acid (pH 6.5) camouflage bases; -highly pigmented, pigmentation level: 3.5; - not hard, closer to plastic; - before application, it is necessary to apply a substrate made of a transparent base for better adhesion; - have a consistency closer to liquid, which allows you to make alignment thinly and quickly; - polymerization time 60 seconds at 48 W; - do not have a strong smell ✔️ Difference between Dark Pro Base 36 and 53: Pro Base 53 - pigmentation level 3.5 (it is more saturated) and lighter in shade Pro Base 36 - pigmentation level 2.5


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