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Which gel polishes are good in Ukraine?

Among the brands of gel varnishes, it is difficult to single out one. Each brand has been producing quality products in a wide range for a long time. But you may also encounter "fakes". To make it easier to buy gel polish on the Internet, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the rating.

TMs that deserve the trust of Ukrainian nail industry masters:

1. Dark . One of the most popular Ukrainian brands as it has a history from the master, to the school and the best studio. It was highly appreciated by professionals. chosen by teachers. Combines all the characteristics that should be in the original products. It is made from high-quality raw materials and therefore has many fans.

2. Komilfo . The peculiarity of the products is the favorable "price-quality" ratio and a wide assortment (over 1,500 items).

3. Kira Nails . One of the inexpensive Ukrainian brands, and there are no "pitfalls" here, as it is produced in small quantities. The density and pigmentation of the products have been noted by a large number of masters of various levels from all over Ukraine.

4. Luna . Offers bottles of large volumes and high quality. Varnishes are dense and have a good coating structure, are stable, and are presented in various shades.

5. Saga is a brand that constantly delights with novelties and products with unique effects at affordable prices.

Gel polish for manicure that you like can be bought in any city of Ukraine. To familiarize yourself with the assortment and place an order, see the catalog, add products to the cart and fill out a special form.

What gel polishes are made in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a producer of the following brands:

- Dark is one of the most popular Ukrainian TMs, which produces high-quality products for manicure in a wide range, recently on the market, but has already conquered thousands of masters!

- Kira Nails is a budget brand of gel polishes with ideal density and pigmentation, convenient packaging and a brush, the most necessary shades - what a manicurist needs.

- Komilfo is a well-known brand, one of the most common in Ukraine, it is distinguished by good quality and an affordable price. Another advantage is that Comilfo has a huge assortment, starting from varnishes and ending with liquids for the work of a manicurist.

- Luna is a bright creative brand. In works with brands, unusual Korean designs are often traced. The brand represents a fairly wide range in the middle price segment;

- Saga is a relatively young brand that is gradually gaining the trust of nail industry masters. If you ask what is the hit of this brand? We will answer - reflective gel varnishes! but not only them, the assortment is large and constantly expanding.

What gel polishes should beginners buy?

Every beginner manicure master wonders which gel polishes to buy for work. While the specialist has little experience, it is difficult for him to make a decent choice. We will help you choose brands of gel varnishes that allow you to get an excellent result.

But there are a few more recommendations for choosing colored gel polishes:

- beginners do not need a large volume of gel polishes, 10 ml is more than enough

- see photos of other masters` works with selected shades

- First, choose 15-20 shades to understand which gel polishes are easier to work with, and which are more difficult. This does not characterize the quality of gel polishes, but you will now be able to choose the appropriate pigmentation and consistency for yourself.

Which gel polishes to choose ? Proven gel polishes :

1. Dark . The product has great reviews and is easy to work with. Has instructions, consultations and MK for all products. The comfortable consistency of gel polishes, a wide palette of running and popular colors of gel polishes lasts a long time on the nails. In addition to gel polishes, the brand offers camouflage bases with more than 100 shades, bases for gel polishes at affordable prices.

2. Kira Nails - The price is perfect for novice masters. A large selection of colors and ease of use - this is how you can describe these gel polishes. Well, the main thing is a convenient volume - 6 ml of Kira Nails. Let`s talk about the packaging! A small volume of gel polish is often an inconvenient lid and an unstable bottle. But not in this case, everything is convenient here!

3. Komilfo is a brand that has been on the market for many years and rightfully occupies a leading position! Lacquer gels have a comfortable texture, and the favorable price for 8 ml is a pleasant bonus. As practice shows, beginners and experienced masters in the nail industry appreciated this brand. It is worth noting that the palette of gel polishes is one of the largest in Ukraine!

Before buying gel polishes, every buyer studies the prices. Some beginners in the nail industry immediately prefer to use expensive products in a larger volume, while others choose cheaper alternatives and choose a small volume.

In our catalog you can familiarize yourself with the assortment and prices. And to order products, place an order on the website.

Which gel polish lasts longer on the nails?

The composition of each gel polish is already superior to ordinary polish - and this is a colossal achievement in the nail industry. The tool has a denser consistency, it adds thickness and has a good grip, so it lasts much longer. It is the colored gel polish that does not affect how long the gel polish lasts.

The most important thing in this matter is :

- the quality of your nails: if the nails are thin, the nails are layered, the nails bend - the gel polish will fade worse. If the nails are strong, they will wear much better.

- what material the master chose for thin and weak nails

It is not difficult to buy gel polishes in an online store, so try different options and understand which is your favorite.

How many gel polishes should I buy to begin with? A set of gel polishes for beginners:

The beginning of the journey of every manicurist begins with the question - which gel polishes for beginners are necessary first of all? Most beginners cannot immediately purchase the entire color palette, because it is expensive and not always necessary, because you need to fill your hand to begin with.

So how many gel polishes should a novice specialist have ?

We recommend starting with 15-20 popular colors: black, white, 3-4 shades of red, burgundy, classic blue, soft pink, hot pink, lavender, soft blue. Beige camouflage shades could also be included here, but we think that the use of camouflage bases is much easier and more popular - so start with them.

These shades allow you to create different designs and are suitable for combining. Then replenish the palette with new colors every month.

What is the difference between nail polish and gel polish?

Gel polish is a hybrid of nail polish and gel. The gel varnish coating lasts up to four weeks on the nails, adds thickness, one might say "strengthens" the nails and makes it possible not to change the coating every 2-3 days.

Differences between gel varnish/gel varnish and ordinary varnish :

- polymerizes (hardens) exclusively under LED/UV rays: ordinary varnish dries in the air for several minutes, and gel varnish only with a special lamp.

- it takes longer to apply and is more difficult to remove: when working with varnishes, you do not have the opportunity to paint under the cuticle for a long time, and the gel varnish does not harden in the air, you can correct and repaint until you achieve the desired result.

- gel varnish has high resistance compared to varnishes;

- gel polish does not have a sharp smell, ordinary gel polishes have a sharp aroma. But it should be remembered that smell is not an indicator of quality;

- gel polish requires applying a base and top.

The difference is significant - that`s why ordinary nail polishes have long been replaced by gel polishes. But if we talk about the coating on the legs - we recommend using nail polish / nail polish.

Since the gel polish on the toenails adds extra thickness, which has a negative effect on the nails.

How long does gel polish last on nails?

The recommended period of wearing gel polish with a base, and not with a solid material, is 14-18 days. Why? Because gel polish is not a solid material, it bends during wear, and the structure may change. Especially if the nails are thin and long. It is for this reason that correction of the gel polish is not performed, and it is recommended to do a complete removal of the gel polish and a new coating every time.

HOWEVER - in practice, we craftsmen know that clients want to wear the coating for 3-4, or even 5 weeks. Of course, we never recommend wearing gel polish for 4-5 weeks. But if you know that the client will wear the gel polish for a long time, then we have several recommendations to follow:

  • The length of the nails should be kept to a minimum, as long nails with a base and gel polish can bend and the client may develop cracks on the nails.

  • If the client chose a square shape, it is necessary to make a soft square. This means that the corners should not be sharp, but rounded, because a clear square with sharp corners is the most difficult shape for wearing gel polish well. A solid material is required for a sharp square.

  • If the nails are weak and thin and the client has chosen a gel polish with a long nose, we recommend removing the length of the nails after 2 weeks.

  • Base for thin nails: You can apply base and colored gel polish, but we recommend using nail extension gel and nail strengthening gel. Then you can safely wear gel polish for 4-5 weeks.

How to understand that it is a gel polish?

Gel varnish can be distinguished from ordinary varnish visually and by smell. After opening the container and taking out the brush, we will see the medium in consistency, which should slowly drip down a drop. This material does not have a strong smell, and some brands even offer sweet aromas. On the nails, gel varnishes look brighter and richer than simple ones.

Ordinary nail polishes have a thinner consistency, have a field of transparent pigment, and the same polishes can be in a transparent bottle. Since the gel polish bottle must not let UV rays through.

Which inexpensive gel polish to buy?

Before buying gel nail polish, study the price of gel polishes. In some cases, cost becomes the deciding factor. Therefore, today the priority is high-quality and budget because they have a small volume.

Among the best coatings at an acceptable price, the following can be distinguished: Dark, Kira Nails, Komilfo.

There are positive reviews about these brands. Manicurists like to work with them, because the funds successfully combine good quality and affordable prices.

To order gel polishes and other manicure products, fill out an application on the website, call us or write to the messenger convenient for you.

Quality gel polishes for the perfect manicure

Well-groomed hands with a beautiful manicure are a visiting card and an integral part of the image of every modern woman.

But not all of the fair sex can boast of beautiful nails that they got from nature. The reason for the weakened nail plate lies in genetics, ecology and unbalanced nutrition. If your nails are thin and weak, this is not a sentence! There is a new generation tool that will protect them from delamination and damage - gel polish. It not only performs a strengthening and protective function, but also allows you to create different designs, emphasize individuality. Therefore, it is not surprising that this tool replaced simple varnishes and took a leading position in the nail industry.

Gel polish for manicure, which you can buy in our online store of different brands, allows you to get well-groomed hands, high-quality and aesthetic coating with an unusual pattern.

A bit of history: the evolution of gel polish

Gel nail polish is a relatively new product that has been on the market for just over 13 years. At first, less than 10 colors were available, and the product did not stay on the nails for so long. But a little later, an innovative nail base was released. This made it possible to wear gel polish longer, and the process itself became faster and more comfortable.

In 2014-2015 the popularity of the product has increased significantly. At this time, the range of colors and the range of varnishes expanded. Glitter, metallic, shimmer, and a matte top appeared. In the next three years, manufacturers managed to increase the wear time of varnishes up to 3-4 weeks, so their popularity has increased significantly. New design possibilities have also emerged.

Since 2019, the manicure product has continued to improve: the composition has changed, more and more high-quality and safer components are used, the palette is expanding, various effects are added, polymerization in a UV lamp has become possible, which has simplified the process of applying / removing the material.

At the moment, more and more masters are choosing a low-acid base for nails, since when working with acid bases and when they level nails with a base, you can get a nail burn, onycholysis on the nails.

The beauty industry does not stand still. Today we have a unique product that has significant advantages and a wide range of possibilities for creating all kinds of designs and bringing the most daring ideas to life.

10 benefits of using gel polishes

Gel polish is easy to apply, spreads evenly, lasts a long time and allows you to create a variety of designs - from a classic French coat or a concise coating in pastel colors to complex drawings and artistic painting. But ease of application and aesthetics are far from the only advantages of this material for nails.

If you are going to buy gel polish, evaluate other advantages of the coating:

  1. «Strengthens» the nail plate, minimizes brittleness. Due to its texture, the master can make a thin alignment of the nails as a base, thereby adding a little thickness to the nails, the nails break less.

  2. Dries quickly. This process takes place not without the help of an ultraviolet lamp. But a few minutes and you're done! The polymerization time depends on the color, layer, and the lamp power also affects.

  3. It does not lose its glossy shine and color for a long time. Pay attention if the top rubs off quickly - you may have a weak lamp, and we also remind you that the drying time of the top is at least 90 seconds.

  4. Differs in durability. Gel polishes are worn perfectly for 2-3 weeks. If the nails are thin and brittle or the nails are exfoliating, we recommend strengthening with a gel or other hard material.

  5. Allows you to make a beautiful manicure on any length of nails. Some women do not like to wear long nails, so the gel polish will provide a beautiful and high-quality coverage at the desired length.

  6. Comes in a variety of colors and decors. You can come up with interesting ideas, turn fantasies into reality, show individuality.

  7. Has the best price. The cost of products is available to everyone, and there are also different volumes of gel polishes, from 6 to 15 ml, so you can choose a convenient volume for yourself at the right price.

  8. It has no pungent odor and is easily removed with a liquid or a milling cutter. This is another good reason why manicurists love working with this product.

  9. Convenient in work. With such a coating, it is always faster and easier to work than, for example, with extensions, and the result is of high quality.

  10. Produced by different brands. You need to work with several companies to be able to select the best gel polish for yourself.

Gel polish protects the nail plate from damage, and does not fade and does not lose its color and luster over time. At the same time, it is worn for a long time, depending on what the owner of the manicure is doing. That is, you can safely plant flowers, wash, cook, draw, make pottery, etc. without fear that the coating will peel off or lose its original appearance.

Which gel polish is better to buy?

Gel polish has become a salvation for many women who do not have the time and energy to do a manicure every week. But the result justifies the expectations only when the products are original, high-quality and safe. Accordingly, the question arises of where to buy gel polish, which will be of high quality.

The concept of high-quality gel polish includes a number of characteristics that are equally important for both the master and clients. To protect yourself from acquiring a fake, follow these simple recommendations:

  • Choose goods in trusted stores that have been able to gain respect among consumers. Such sellers always have certificates confirming the quality and authenticity of products.

  • Check prices carefully. It is quite possible to buy gel polish inexpensively. But if the cost is suspiciously low (without a promotion), you should think about it. In this case, ask the seller what caused such a low price.

  • Check at the post office upon receipt or directly in the store for each jar. The container should not have defects and scratches. The consistency of the product should be medium or high density - it already depends on the brand chosen. The pigment should not delaminate.

Anyone can buy gel polishes in Ukraine. It is convenient to make a purchase today without even leaving your home. When choosing products in the online store, keep in mind that varnishes come in different types. In particular:

Depending on the effect:

- shimmer - with shiny particles, create a beautiful shimmer on the nails;

- glitter - composed of large sequins in the form of various geometric shapes;

- magnetic - to obtain the desired effect, you need a special magnet that creates an accent;

- watercolor - form a gentle transition of colors;

- stained glass - designed for mosaic and gradient designs;

- cat's eye - a transparent base with metallic inclusions that shimmer;

- holograms - the pattern shimmers under the sun's rays;

- thermo - changes shade under the influence of temperature (for example, while the hands are cold, there will be a purple color of the varnish, and when heated, it becomes pink).

You should also study the composition of the materials so that they do not contain harmful components, pay attention to the manufacturer. In our online store you will find only safe, original high quality products from the best brands, in particular DARK, Komilfo, Kira Nails, LUNA, SAGA, etc.

How to use gel polish? How to remove gel polish at home?

In some cases, due to inexperience, there may be an erroneous opinion that the products are of poor quality. Therefore, it is important to know how to work with lacquer gel correctly and read the instructions for gel lacquer.

Before applying the product to the nail platinum, it is necessary to carefully prepare it. What you need to do when working independently without a router:

It is important to note that if the nails were leveled with a base, we strongly do not recommend removing the coating on your own without a router, because the base layer may not be thin and the gel polish remover and gel polish remover will not be able to dissolve the coating.

  • Take a nail file and very carefully remove the top. Note, having cut off a colored gel polish, it is important to be able to stop in time to reach the base, and not to the nail itself.

  • Apply nail oil (on the cuticles and side ridges), it will prevent the skin from drying out.

  • Apply remover to cotton swabs. Next, each nail, together with a moistened sponge, should be wrapped in foil for 10 minutes. This tool affects each person differently. Remove the coating as soon as your fingers feel warm.

  • After removing the foil, work with the side of the orange stick. You need to remove colored varnish from the center up and down. In no case should you pick and tear off the coating. If the coating is difficult to remove, it is necessary to repeat the previous step with the remover.

  • Using an orange stick, peel off the keratinized film under the cuticle.

  • Next, you should polish your nails with a buff.

  • Shape your nails with a nail file.

  • Degrease the nail plate, apply the primer so that it does not get on the skin.

If you do a manicure at the master, most likely the old varnish will be removed with a cutter - a special machine. Such a tool is now used by almost all specialists. In this case, the nails are processed without the use of foil, cotton swabs and a special liquid. After removing the varnish, the nail plate is cleaned and degreased.

Step-by-step algorithm for applying gel polish

  • Applying a base coat and distributing it over the nail plate. It is possible to align the nails with a low-acid base.

  • Drying in a UV lamp (2 minutes), LED lamp (30 seconds).

  • Application of gel polish. Ideally, it is done in two thin layers, otherwise the nail will show through, the coating will look ugly and will soon begin to peel off, but this depends on the pigmentation of the shade.

  • Polymerization of the coating according to the scheme: in a UV lamp (2 minutes) or LED lamp (30 seconds).

  • At the request of the client, the design is carried out. It should also be dried a little before being covered with a top coat.

  • Covering the entire surface of the nail plate with top.

  • Drying. But it will take a little more time: in a UV lamp (2-3 minutes), an LED lamp (30-60 seconds).

  • If necessary, the sticky layer is removed with a special tool. Apply cuticle oil.

Incorrect execution of at least one of the above points can significantly reduce the quality of manicure and reduce the period of wear of varnish. In the salon, it is better to trust experienced qualified craftsmen. And if you prefer a home manicure, follow the correct sequence of steps.

Where can I buy high quality gel polish

Buying gel polish in the Riornails online store means saving time and money and being sure that they are responsible for all the goods. This is the best solution for nail industry masters, and for women who prefer to do everything on their own at home, do manicures at home. Online shopping sites offer a wide range of products from different brands, so you can choose the best option for yourself.

Our online store allows you to purchase everything you need for manicure in one place. The catalog contains various products of the best brands at affordable prices. If necessary, an experienced store employee will tell you which gel polishes to buy in your case.

Why are we:

  • We carefully monitor the quality of our products.

  • We carry out discounts, promotions and sales.

  • We offer a wide range of safe manicure products.

  • The quality of our products is confirmed by real reviews.

  • We provide prompt service, favorable conditions for cooperation.

Would you like to buy gel polish cheaply? Our online store in Ukraine offers original products from the best manufacturers, so we always choose quality, and combine it with different volumes. For advice and assistance in choosing, contact us by phone or in instant messengers, and to purchase varnish or. Buy gel polish, look at the catalog, add the desired product to the cart and fill out the application form on the website.

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