DARK PRO base 01, 15 мл

DARK PRO base No. 01, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO0115.

DARK PRO base 01, 30 мл

DARK PRO base No. 01, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO0130.

DARK PRO base 02,15 мл

DARK PRO base No. 02, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO0215.

DARK PRO base 02,30 мл

DARK PRO base No. 02, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO0230.

DARK PRO base 03, 30 мл

DARK PRO base No. 03, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO0330.

DARK PRO base 03,15 мл

DARK PRO base No. 03, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO0315.

DARK PRO base 04,15 мл

DARK PRO base No. 04, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO0415.

DARK PRO base 04,30 мл

DARK PRO base No. 04, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO0430.

DARK PRO base 05, 30 мл

DARK PRO base No. 05, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO0530.

DARK PRO base 05,15 мл

DARK PRO base No. 05, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO0515.

DARK PRO base 06, 30 мл

DARK PRO base No. 06, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO0630.

DARK PRO base 06,15 мл

DARK PRO base No. 06, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO0615.

DARK PRO base 07,15 мл

DARK PRO base No. 07, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO0715.

DARK PRO base 07,30 мл

DARK PRO base No. 07, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO0730.

DARK PRO base 08,15 мл

DARK PRO base No. 08, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO0815.

DARK PRO base 08,30 мл

DARK PRO base No. 08, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO0830.

DARK PRO base 09,15 мл

DARK PRO base No. 09, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO0915.

DARK PRO base 09,30 мл

DARK PRO base No. 09, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO0930.

DARK PRO base 10,15 мл

DARK PRO base #10, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO1015.

DARK PRO base 10,30 мл

DARK PRO base #10, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO1030.

DARK PRO base 11,15 мл (оновленний колір)

DARK PRO base #11, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO1115.

DARK PRO base 11,30 мл (оновленний колір)

DARK PRO base #11, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO1130.

DARK PRO base 12,15 мл

DARK PRO base #12, 15 ml

Артикул: PRO1215.

DARK PRO base 12,30 мл

DARK PRO base #12, 30 ml

Артикул: PRO1230.

Do you have any questions? Ask us
Why do you need a nail base?

The main function of the coating is to ensure a reliable bond between the nail and the gel polish. Gel polish of any brand is aggressive because it contains unnatural substances. Therefore, the use of a base layer softens the effect of gel polish on the nail.

Which base is suitable for thin and brittle nails?

For thin and fragile nails, a base of a thick mixture is suitable, which will strengthen the nail plate. The right choice will be a rubber base for nails, reviews of which are often positive. When applied, this coating does not roll or bubble. Both beginners and experienced masters of the nail industry work with him.

What is the difference between a gel and a base?

Gel and base are two different nail products.

The gel is used to create and strengthen nails. It has a thick or liquid consistency and has a high strength, which makes its use ideal for nail extensions or strengthening. It can also be used to create voluminous designs on the nails.

The base, in turn, is the so-called layer between the nail plate, gel polish or any solid material. It is applied as the first layer on the prepared nail plate.

What is the best foundation for weak nails?

Many owners of weak nails often ask what nail base to buy? We recommend using a rubber base. It is important not to leave long nails when working with weak nails, to make a soft shape without sharp corners. The best option for such nails would be a hard material, and the base in this case should be used only with a thin layer to bond the nail and the hard material.

How to choose the right base for nails?

A high-quality nail base is the key to a beautiful and healthy manicure! That is why you need to know what criteria you should focus on in order to choose the right base coat for gel polish. Universal bases that are suitable for all types of nails have not yet been developed. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and understand which tool is needed in this or that case.

The type, length and thickness of the nails must be taken into account. For a weakened thin nail plate, it is better to choose a rubber base. It is thicker in consistency, and the rubber component in the composition gives the material strength and plasticity. Such a product makes it easier to straighten and strengthen even flaky and brittle nails. For strong and healthy nails, a professional hard nail base for gel polish is suitable. It will create excellent adhesion, has high strength, is suitable for strengthening, alignment, repair and extension of the nail plate (up to 1.5 mm). To work with long nails, we recommend a base with a thick consistency. In this case, it will be convenient for the specialist to build the required architecture.

Indeed, there are cases when no base coating is suitable - then you need to use a classic liquid gel or polygel.

Finally, consider your preferences and style. If you like a calm classic manicure, choose milky, beige and other pastel shades, and if you want to get a colorful, but not too bright design, a good solution will be a color base - blue, yellow, lilac, mint, etc.

In general, the choice of base for gel polish depends on your individual needs, type of nails and style. Experiment with different options, try new products and find your perfect gel polish base.

What is the best nail base?

And is there even a best base? So. Only everyone has their own. But there are characteristics that are important when choosing: consistency, acidity, shade.

For example, someone likes classic, and for someone color is important, so you should buy a base that camouflages, you need a colored base for nails. Also, any base is suitable for women with smooth and strong nails, but for those whose nails are in a weakened state, a soft rubber base is ideal, and a hard material is better. For allergy sufferers, we recommend choosing a coating with a solid material rather than a base.

That is, for each client, the best base is the one that is ideal for the type, length and structure of the nail. And every qualified craftsman knows this.

When to use a nail base?

This product is applied as the first layer on the prepared degreased nail plate. After that, the coating is fixed in an ultraviolet lamp - each manufacturer indicates the time, usually it is 60 seconds. After the material has hardened, gel varnish is applied. We also use the base when working with hard materials, because it is the base that is responsible for the adhesion of the nail and the material.

What will happen if the base is not applied?

Applying a base coat ensures a beautiful and stable manicure for up to 4 weeks. It is the base that is responsible for the adhesion of the gel polish to the nail plate. If you do not use this layer, the manicure will last no more than a week, and it will begin to peel off from the free edge.

Is it possible to walk with one base on the nails?

Of course you can! In this case, a beautiful translucent soft coating will be obtained. Only in the Dark brand there are more than 100 shades of bases. You just need to choose the right type of base and know how to apply the base to your nails. Here we can also recommend camouflage tops, they can be applied on a transparent base.

What is the best base to level the nail plate?

You can align your nails with almost any base, choosing the most convenient consistency for yourself. But the best option in this case will be a medium-liquid base, as it is easily self-leveling. It is better to buy such a base for nail gel for the purpose of leveling. It is also important to use a low acid base for a safe coating.

What is the best nail base?

Based on the composition, you will need a medium-acid rubber nail base for good adhesion to the nail plate, it can only be applied in a thin layer. For straightening nails, it is advisable to choose a low-acid base, as it is a safe coating for nails. The consistency of gel polishes is also important. Very thick bases are not very convenient to work with, as they take a long time to level. We recommend choosing a medium consistency, closer to liquid, due to the fact that the base does not spread, it is more convenient for the master to work. Also, this type of base does a great job of leveling relief nail plates and is suitable for weakened nails. But for weak and thin nails, we recommend using a hard material.

Is it possible to grow nails with a base?

No, you cannot build up your nails with a base. There are two main reasons for this:

- the base cannot be applied in a thick layer, the thickness of the base coating should be a maximum of 0.5 mm for safe application. If you apply a base (especially an acidic one), you can get a nail burn and nail onycholysis, a chemical burn of the nails.

- the base is a flexible soft material. And for the nails to be hard and strong, the material must be hard.

What are the causes of base exfoliation?

The first reason is the remains of the old base. Even imperceptible microcracks can affect the quality of the new coating. Therefore, it is very important to carefully inspect and prepare the nail plate before applying a new layer. Do not forget to remove the remains of the remover and degrease the surface.

Another important point is the choice of a base for different types of nails. If you have thin and flexible nails, it is recommended to use a more plastic base. However, if you prefer to wear a sharp, defined square and want to maintain the length of the nail plate, then it is better to use a harder material. Thus, you can avoid chipping and damage during wearing.

How much does nail base cost?

For those wondering how much nail base costs, price is an important factor when choosing products. Keep in mind that the price of the product depends on many factors:

  • trademark;

  • composition and type;

  • functionality;

  • volume

Various prices for nail gel bases and varnishes allow buyers to choose the best option.

On our website, you can familiarize yourself with the assortment and prices and choose the products that are suitable for you. To get advice and help in choosing, call us or write to one of the messengers, and to buy a base for gel polish and everything you need for a high-quality manicure, place an order on the website.

How to properly apply and work with the base coat?

The first thing to do is to pay attention to the thorough preparation of the nail plate. We recommend using a soft file or buffer to remove the shine from the nail plate and create a good grip with the material. Clean the area in the cuticle area with a buff or cutter, working in the combined or hardware manicure technique. If a remover was used before, it must be neutralized. Wash your hands to remove the product and use a dehydrator to remove moisture and oil from your nails.

If the nail plate is wet enough, we recommend using a nail dehydrator, as it is more aggressive than a regular degreaser. In addition, it can dry the nail plate without damaging it. There is no need to be afraid of contact of the dehydrator with the skin, because this product does not cause allergic reactions in the client.

We also use ultrabond when working with bases. If there are no remnants of the old material on the nail, apply ultrabond to the entire nail plate. If the remains of the material are present, it must be applied to the ingrown part or only to the tip of the nail. Ultrabond promotes better adhesion between the substrate and the material because it acts like double-sided tape. It should be applied with a squeezed brush, making a thin, even layer, passing over the area of the coating once. Ultrabond dries in the air for about 1 minute, leaving a sticky coating on the nail plate after drying, which contributes to better wearing of the gel polish. Please note that the ultrabond must be liquid and fresh, because over time it can thicken and be applied in a thick layer.

A base coating of medium acidity is required for good adhesion to the nail plate. It is necessary to cover the nail plate with a thin layer close to the cuticle and side ridges. We do not recommend using medium or high acid bases for straightening the nail plate, as the acid content in the base can negatively affect the nail plate and lead to onycholysis, chemical and thermal burns in the client.

After applying the base, it must be dried in a lamp for 60 seconds. Next, apply a leveling layer of a low-acid base on the nails. It is recommended to make a layer slightly more than 0.7 mm thick. Rotate your hand to distribute the material evenly, and use a thin brush to distribute the material better.

It is easier to apply a liquid foundation in a thin layer, which will allow you to better level the surface. The thicker the base coat, the thicker it usually turns out to be, so you should follow the coat layer. After alignment, we send the lamp for 60 seconds. The polymerization time depends on the quality of the lamp, the layer and the amount of pigment in the base. If the base burns, this is a normal reaction during polymerization. In this case, we recommend holding out your hand for 5-10 seconds so that the material cools down and return it to the lamp. If the lamp has a function of reduced power, then we recommend using it when drying the base, but increase the time. After the base has dried, you can apply a top: shiny, glossy or matte or any color of gel polish. It is not necessary to remove the sticky layer from the base before applying the gel varnish coating.

We remind you that the recommended period of wearing the coating is 2-2.5 weeks, a maximum of 3.5.

Base for nails - the basis of a flawless manicure

Every woman wants to see her nails beautiful and healthy. The path to the perfect manicure lies through the use of special tools, each of which has its own function. The initial layer is the base for gel polish. This so-called layer between the nail and the gel polish is the unchanging basis of manicure.

A good base for nails solves a number of problems and has unique properties:

  • Creates a smooth and even surface of the nail, which facilitates the application of gel polish and improves its durability.

  • Strengthens and protects natural nails from damage and brittleness.

  • Increases adhesion between natural nails and gel polish for longer lasting manicure.

  • Allows gel polish to go on more evenly and without streaks, resulting in a more beautiful and professional looking manicure.

  • Helps with hard material

Nails covered with the base correctly look neat and well-groomed. Since the material is in direct contact with the nail plate, it should not contain hazardous and harmful components. A high-quality base for nails is in demand in the nail industry, since without it it is impossible to create a professional manicure.

Base for nails: which is better

The modern market offers many options for base coats for nails from different brands. All of them differ in appearance, type, formula, purpose, color, composition and price. If you want to buy a suitable base for nails, you need to study as much information as possible about different materials in order to choose the best one for yourself.

Each tool contains a unique formula that is responsible for the shade and function of the coating.

Ultimately, the choice of base for nails depends on individual preferences and needs. However, there are several popular types of bases that have certain advantages.

Varieties of the base for nails

  • Rubber base, Rubber base. Hides the imperfections of the nails, is responsible for the adhesion of the nail to the gel polish.  The covering differs in an elastic consistence and average density. In this case, the alignment of the nails with the base is as easy as possible.

  • Camouflage. This coating contains pigment. In fact, this is a base and color in one bottle. Ideal for lovers of French or nude shades. Such a colored base for nails, which can be bought for a certain type of plate, will also be an ideal solution for those who want to reduce the time it takes to complete a manicure, since in this case it will not be necessary to apply additional gel polish.

  • With sweat or glitter. The unique texture imitates gold leaf. Accelerates the manicure process and is used to create an interesting radiant design.

  • Strong. There are hard bases for weakened nails. They prevent the appearance of cracks, chips and detachment. On the base of strong for nails, the price is average. Sometimes, when working with such bases, manufacturers recommend filing the end after the top.

  • Reflective. Combines base, color and reflective particles. Gives the master the opportunity to make an original design.

The base for nail polish, the price of which depends on the type and composition of the material, is the key to a high-quality and beautiful manicure.

Key rules for choosing a base coat for nails

Each master of the nail industry has a large selection of base coats of the same (more preferred) manufacturer or different brands. After carefully studying the client's nail plate, the specialist chooses a tool that is suitable for a particular person.

Many girls who do their own manicure may be wondering: is it possible to apply gel polish products without a base coat? The answer is unequivocal: no! The base coat protects the nails from the effects of gel polish and therefore it must be used. It is important to be able to correctly choose this tool so that it is most suitable.

Which base is intended for which nails

  • For owners of thin, ribbed and brittle nails, a high-quality rubber base for nails is chosen, since in this case the classic liquid base will not work.

  • Hard, strong and hard nails need a standard liquid base.

  • For uneven nails, it is imperative to use a thick consistency - it will perfectly hide existing defects.

For beginners, it is better to choose a self-leveling type, as it is easier to work with. Thick base gel nail always requires skill, so it is suitable for the more experienced.

Try to choose bases, tops and gel polishes from a single brand. Thus, they will be the most suitable for each other. But before you buy a base for nails, look at the production date and expiration date of the products. After the expiration of the specified period, the product should not be used!

Give preference to trusted trading companies and, if possible, look at product reviews. When choosing a base for nails, the price should not be in the first place. Yes, you also need to pay attention to the cost, but a reliable manufacturer and a good composition are more important here.

Gel polish base coat tips

When working with basic coverage, you need to know the main rules and be sure to follow them. Here are some general recommendations:

  • If the nail plate does not need alignment, experts do not recommend applying an ultra-thin layer.

  • A super thick layer is also undesirable. Such nails will have an unnatural look, and it will be especially ugly on the free edge.

  • To get the desired result, you need to observe the polymerization time - each manufacturer has its own.

  • Do not apply gel polish without using a base coat.

  • With regular manicure, the base can not be removed until the end. This rule applies if there are no detachments.

  • If the base under the nails bakes strongly during drying, then it is not suitable for a particular client. You can never endure a strong burning sensation!

For bases for nails, prices from one or another manufacturer of a different range. Therefore, each buyer will be able to choose a tool at the best cost.

Where to buy high quality nail base

This question is asked not only by beginners, but also by experienced nail service masters. Since the market is overflowing with a variety of manicure products, it is necessary to weed out low-quality ones and choose the best option in terms of cost and quality.

The best solution would be to choose a reliable online store that will not only provide a base for nails at an advantageous price-quality ratio, but also save you time by consulting on this issue.

Our online store offers professional manicure products that meet the standards. We cooperate exclusively with trusted brands that have been able to gain respect from experienced craftsmen and private consumers.

A high-quality classic, leveling, reflective, rubber, camouflage base for nails is the dream of every specialist in the field of nail service! Our website offers a wide selection of products from leading world-class brands at an affordable price, in particular, Komilfo, Kira Nails, DARK, LUNA, etc. For advice, contact us by phone or in messengers, and to purchase everything you need for a manicure, place an order on the site.

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